Natalie Rotman is an award-winning television host and red carpet ruler. Her commentary at endless Hollywood events has been seen on ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, E!, to name a few.

W Magazine named Natalie a fashion 'influencer' in 2013. Known for her witty interview style and spot-on fashion advice. Rotman is part trend forecaster, costumer, writer and pop-culture aficionado. Her journalistic scope and depth of knowledge has brought her international acclaim and a cult U.S. following.

Covering music, film, television, and fashion, Rotman has interviewed hundreds of A-list celebrities. From Angelina Jolie to Leonardo DiCaprio, Madonna to Paul McCartney, Donatella Versace to Tom Ford, Julia Roberts to Tom Cruise, Nicki Minaj to Justin Bieber, and beyond. Millions watched as Rotman hosted live (for the past three years) from the Academy Awards, Grammy Awards and Golden Globe Awards.

Known as the Carrie Bradshaw of personal style. This avant-garde trendsetter loves to mix old with new + high with low. Like Bradshaw, Rotman has sincere, humble fun with her style. Her willingness to experiment and take chances inspires every fab girl and boy, instantly making her their favorite fashion muse. She is a renowned editor and consultant amongst the fashion elite.

She got her start in the business as a celebrity stylist, working with tons of celebs including Kim Kardashian and on various high-profile television shows. After earning a degree in broadcast journalism, television came calling for Rotman's expertise. Her fashion expert flow has appeared on numerous television network programs, magazines, and she has ruled the web with flair. Natalie's blog ( is the IT spot amongst the fashion elite for all things style, luxury, and celebrity.

Personal highlights for Rotman include: serving as a prelim judge for the Miss Universe pageant, co-hosting live Oscars coverage with iconic stylist Patricia Field of 'Sex And The City' fame, starring in an H&M Life Video on Rotman's unique style, being a mentor/panelist at the 2012 GRAMMY camp, winning a Golden Mic Award for best news broadcast over 15 minutes, and recently hosting the Rising Stars Awards.



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